Why Do Airport Transfers with Baby Car Seats Matter in the UK?

Whether you’re a new parent or an experienced one, travelling with your little one can get quite overwhelming if you are not prepared for it. From late-night feedings to diaper changes, being a parent is a responsibility that requires careful planning well in advance of each trip. And when you are on an international trip, this can get even more difficult. Worry not, for a reliable airport transfer ensures a comfortable journey with amazing baby car seats pre-installed. This leads to peace of mind knowing that a reliable service provider is taking care of your parenting needs.

Safety First: The Importance of Car Seats in the UK

According to the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom, all children under the age of 12 or 135cm tall use a baby car seat. This baby car seat UK regulation is there to provide safety and protection to your little one in an unfortunate event or a minor or major accident.

Car seat belts work great, but they aren’t designed to provide the same level of protection for the toddlers. A child car seat that is installed the correct way evenly distributes the force of an impact, minimising the risk of injuries.

Hence, as per law, all airport transfer companies in London and other parts of England are required to offer this service. Some companies charge an extra fee for it, whereas others offer it complimentary without any fees.

Beyond the Law: The Benefits of Using a Car Seat

The benefits of using a car seat for children go a long way, beyond just the normal legal compliance. Here are some of the reasons why having this seat is mandatory for your children:

  • Enhanced Protection: Baby seats provide ultimate protection to the children’s neck, head and spine, cushioning them in the unfortunate event or a collision.
  • Improved Comfort: Other than safety, these seats are designed to enhance the level of comfort even for your kids, allowing them to rest and sleep during the transfer service.
  • Reduced Stress: Nothing beats peace of mind. When you know that your child is safe and secure, you can continue working on your laptop and focusing on the road ahead.

Airport Transfers Made Easy: The Convenience of Pre-Installed Car Seats

We understand the importance of having toddler car seats for family members, and offer this as a free-of-charge service, pre-installed in any one of the rides you order. You do not need to bring in your own seat. Just let us know when making a booking, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Choosing the Right Car Seat for Your Transfer

London airport transfer services offer numerous kinds of seats to accommodate different age groups and sizes of children. Following tips allow you to select the right one:

  • Infant Car Seats (Group 0+): Ideal for newborns, or kids weighing up to 13kg.
  • Convertible Car Seats (Group 0+/1): You can use them rear-facing and transition to forward-facing for toddlers and support up to 18kg.
  • Toddler Car Seats (Group 1): Forward-facing seats supporting weight range of 9kg to 18kg.

Additional Considerations: ISOFIX Compatibility

ISOFIX is a standardised system for all car seats installed in the UK. Whenever placing an order, just inquire with the driver for an ISOFIX baby seat.

Conclusion: A Safe and Comfortable Journey for All

Elite Airport Transfer just doesn’t follow the law, we also go the extra mile by providing your child with the same level of safety and comfort that an adult gets while using our service.

Travel with confidence knowing that the transfer service like Elite Airport Transfer is there to take care of your needs. Let us make your London trip a memorable one. Book a ride now and experience it for yourself.

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