Where to Locate Microphone on iPhone 11?

Microphone on iPhone 11

A Microphone is a very important part of a Smartphone and this is why it is very important to know about the placement of your mobile microphone. It is important to regularly clean the microphone to ensure that it catches your voice carefully. 

iPhone 11 has strategically placed three different microphones in the mobile phone for different purposes. There are many people who wish to know where is microphone on iPhone 11 and if you are also looking for the placement of all these microphones on your iPhone 11 then, you do not need to worry as here in the article, we are going to tell you about the placement of all these microphones. Carefully look at the location of these mics to ensure that you can care for your microphones and device.

What is the Location of Microphones on iPhone 11?

There are three different microphones on iPhone 11 and you need to know that all these microphones serve different purposes and you need to carefully know the functioning of all these mics. Take a look at the information that we have presented here to know where is the mic on an iPhone 11. 

  1. At the Bottom Of the device 

The first microphone that is present on the device is at the bottom of the Smartphone. You will find this mic near the lightning port and the main use of this mic is to make calls. If you are making calls then, this is the primary mic that is used for calls. The optimal position of this mic is designed to ensure that your voice is captured without any noise during calls and conversations. 

  1. From the Front of the Smartphone 

Placed at the front of the Smartphone, you will find the microphone near the front camera integrated into the earpiece. This microphone is also very crucial if you are using Siri and have to issue voice commands. If you are issuing commands to Siri and having audio interactions then, you need to have this microphone clear. The location of the device ensures that there will be no interference from background noise and this is why this microphone is also quite important for your device. 

  1. At the Back of the Smartphone 

The last iPhone 11 microphone location that you need to know is at the back of the Smartphone. This microphone is used for all media-related tasks. The microphone is used for capturing songs when you are shooting videos and taking songs. The microphone is strategically placed near the camera to ensure that you can easily and effectively record the songs and other sounds that you need while capturing videos and pictures. 

Each of these microphones is used for different purposes in different scenarios and used when you have to multitask. The placement of these mics has ensured that your iPhone 11 delivers a perfect, comprehensive, and high-quality audio experience. We hope that you have understood all the details that we have shared here regarding the locations of the microphones on and iPhone 11.

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