Where Do I Find Drafts On Instagram?

Find Drafts On Instagram

Do you love Instagram and want to make your posting easier while saving time? If yes, then the drafts feature on this platform might be a game-changer for you. For social media marketers, content creators, or just individuals who take pleasure in sharing personal moments with friends and followers, understanding how to find drafts on Instagram is necessary.

What Are Instagram Drafts?

Instagram drafts are saved posts that you create but choose not to post them immediately. They serve as placeholders for content that requires editing or can be posted at a later date. Drafts may consist of both normal posts and stories allowing users to have more freedom when creating their content.

Creating Instagram Drafts

While creating a draft on Instagram is simple, knowing how it can be accessed and managed afterward is equally crucial. Below is a step-by-step guide on “How to create and How to find drafts on Instagram”:

  1. Open Instagram: Start the application on your Android phone by clicking its icon.
  2. Start Post Creation: Click the ‘+’ sign to initiate the creation of a new post.
  3. Make Edits: Choose or snap an image then use the photo editing tools provided by Instagram for any adjustments if necessary.
  4. Click the ‘X’ at the top left of your device screen before you post to exit the posting process. A pop-up menu will appear and ask if you want to save it as a draft. Press ‘Save Draft’ to confirm.

Where to Find Drafts on Instagram

Instagram posts that are saved can be really tough to locate for someone new in this area. This is where to find drafts on Instagram on your Android:

  1. First, open the Instagram Application.
  2. Then click on the “+” button to make a new post.
  3. The tab labeled “Drafts” is where they are saved.
  4. Just choose the one you want and either continue editing or publish it.

Editing and Deleting Drafts

Once you have found the answer to “where to find drafts on Instagram” and found all your unpublished posts, can be edited before sharing or deleted when no longer needed. Here’s what:

  1. EDIT A POST: Choose the draft you intend to modify then tap ‘Edit’ which is beside the picture. After making any necessary changes, complete publishing.
  2. DELETE A DRAFT: If you no longer need a post for some reason, you can delete it to create space and clutter To do this, choose the draft then click on ‘Manage’,’ proceed to Edit’, and finally press’ Discard’ to erase it.

Using Instagram Drafts in Marketing

As a marketing tool for businesses and brands on Instagram, drafts prove very important when it comes to planning content ahead of time. By preparing posts in advance, one can keep up with the platform without having to create content all the time. Thoughtful planning and regular provision of content are enhanced when one drafts their posts beforehand.


It is important to transparently determine detailed information on how one can access drafts in Instagram to enhance your content creation process as well as optimize your performance on the platform. Drafts are important whether you are a casual user or a social media manager and this article will tell you how to find drafts on Instagram. For additional information visit Allinsider‘s official website.

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