Top Tier Characters in Genshin Impact: Who Reigns Supreme?

genshin tier list

Since its release in 2020, Genshin Impact has taken the gaming world by storm. The open-world action RPG, developed by miHoYo, has captivated players with its stunning visuals, engaging story, and a vast roster of characters. As the game continues to expand, new characters are introduced, each with unique abilities, roles, and synergies. This article explores some of the top genshin tier list characters in Genshin Impact, analyzing their strengths and why they are considered among the best.

Hu Tao: The Pyro Powerhouse

Hu Tao is a 5-star Pyro character who wields a polearm. Known for her high burst damage, she can unleash devastating attacks with her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst. Hu Tao’s power increases as her health decreases, encouraging players to play aggressively. When paired with Hydro characters for Vaporize reactions, she becomes a force to be reckoned with. Her ability to deal massive amounts of damage in a short time makes her a favorite among many players.

Ganyu: The Cryo Sniper

Ganyu is a 5-star Cryo archer whose charged shots can deal immense damage to single and multiple targets. Her Elemental Skill and Burst create powerful AoE effects, making her a versatile character for both exploration and combat. Ganyu’s high critical damage and ability to inflict Cryo status on enemies make her a valuable asset in many team compositions, especially when paired with characters who benefit from Freeze reactions.

Zhongli: The Geo Shieldmaster

Zhongli, the Geo Archon, is renowned for his protective abilities. His Elemental Skill creates sturdy shields that absorb damage, while his Elemental Burst delivers a massive AoE Geo attack. Zhongli’s shields are among the strongest in the game, providing players with excellent survivability. His versatility in both offense and defense makes him a top-tier character for almost any team.

Xiangling: The Pyro Support Specialist

Xiangling, a 4-star Pyro polearm user, might not be a 5-star character, but she is considered one of the best Pyro supports in the game. Her Elemental Burst, “Pyronado,” deals continuous Pyro damage, which can trigger multiple reactions with other elements. Her flexibility in team compositions and consistent damage output make her an invaluable character for players of all levels.

Raiden Shogun: The Electro Archon

Raiden Shogun is a 5-star Electro character who serves as a powerful battery for the team. Her Elemental Skill provides energy regeneration, while her Elemental Burst unleashes a devastating sword attack. Raiden’s ability to boost team energy and deliver consistent damage makes her a popular choice for many team compositions, especially those that rely on Elemental Bursts.

Kazuha: The Anemo Samurai

Kaedehara Kazuha, a 5-star Anemo sword user, is a master of crowd control and elemental infusion. His Elemental Skill and Burst create powerful Anemo effects that can swirl and amplify elemental reactions. Kazuha’s mobility and ability to boost other characters’ elemental damage make him a top-tier support character, highly valued in teams focusing on elemental reactions.


These are just a few of the top-tier characters in Genshin Impact, each with their unique abilities and roles within a team. The game’s evolving nature means that new characters will continue to be introduced, altering the meta and providing players with fresh challenges and opportunities. Whether you prefer high burst damage, protective shields, or elemental support, there’s a top-tier character for every playstyle in Genshin Impact. As you explore the world of Teyvat, keep an eye out for these powerful characters and their synergies, and you’ll be well on your way to building a formidable team.

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