Tips for Used Mercedes-Benz Car Members, Pay Attention

Tips for buying a used Mercedes-Benz car, there are several things you must pay attention to. If you buy a car from Germany carelessly, then you may have to carry out repairs here and there to make a hole in your pocket.

Mercedes-Benz (Mercy) cars are indeed famous for their comfort, luxury and material capabilities. Because of this, it is still hunted even though it is in its former state. Even though he is more than 20 years old.

1. Check the condition of the car body and paint

Tips for buying a used Mercedes-Benz car are like shopping for sbobet88 used cars in general. The first thing you must pay attention to is the condition of the car body and paint. Make sure the condition of the car body has no dents or discolored or porous parts on the underside of the body, otherwise known as under.

If there is damage to the exterior, you can definitely expect the price to be cheaper. The reason is that once it becomes yours, there may be costs incurred to repair the damage. Especially regarding body damage, it is not impossible that the money needed is quite a lot.

2. Monitor the equipment and condition of the interior

Apart from the outer body of the car, tips for buying a Mercedes-Benz car include paying attention to the condition and completeness of the interior. Such as the condition of the ceiling, door trim, seats and dashboard.

“If the outer body is not difficult to repair. “However, the condition of the interior is more difficult unless something is damaged, if the seat is torn, then buying the original seat cover is quite expensive, it can be up to IDR 2 million,” said Ryan.

3. Pay attention to the car rubber

It looks trivial but its function is important. Yup, unless you want to buy a Mercy car that is more than 10 years old, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the condition of the rubber.

Because, for Mercy car rubber, it is difficult to find some styles and years. For example, for the Mercy Tiger style which is currently being sought after by consumers.

“Mercy Tiger door rubber and trim are not easy to find. “Generally you can get it from stolen goods, even if there are new ones (NOS) the price is quite expensive, for a set of 4 doors it can reach IDR 3 million,” added Ryan.

4. Check the electrical section

Mercy cars are known for their complex electrical systems, especially those from 2000 and above. Well, unless you intend to buy a used Mercy from 2000 or above, it’s best to make sure the electrical condition is healthy and there are no problems.

Because for Mercy cars, which use a lot of electrical and computer processes, unless they have problems, repairs take a lot of time and money.

5. Know the condition of the machine

The next tip for buying a used Mercedes-Benz car is to check the condition of the engine. Make sure the machine is in good condition, invite a friend who knows about Mercy machines to minimize repairs that require large costs.

The characteristics of a healthy engine include that it starts easily, is stable (does not go up and down), there is no smoke coming from the exhaust, and there is also no oil seepage or leaks either in the engine or underneath. It’s a good idea to try the car while it’s running to feel whether the transmission remains smooth (not jerking), whether there are excessive vibrations, strange sounds or overheating.

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