Off-Roading with Air Suspension- Is It Worth the Investment?

air suspension system

If you’re a driving enthusiast, you probably have heard about off-roading and the exciting adventures it brings. But not all drives go that fantastic. The reason is the uncomfortable ride that comes with it. People get sick while driving and vehicles often go rogue after such a difficult treatment. 

But here is one thing that you can install in your vehicle to make your whole journey comfortable, easy, smooth, and more adventurous along with safety. 

It’s an Air Suspension System. Air Suspension systems are well famous for its incredible ability to enhance your vehicle’s control, comfort, and lifespan multiple times. 

But let’s go critically and ask twice before investing our hard-earned money. 

What is Off-Roading? 

Off-roading is driving on natural terrains that include snow, sand, uneven paths, rocks, riverbeds, or even mud. These paths have no properly maintained roads and bring obstacles for our vehicles. (Also check OEM Factory Air Suspension.)

Most of the time, it creates issues in driving and later problems in the vehicle’s engine, body, and performance. Moreover, your everyday vehicle is not suitable for off-roading. Their bodies are closer to the ground which will get damaged during your adventurous journey.

Instead of your everyday vehicle for off-roading, you should choose a vehicle that is built for such things.  It’s either a Jeep or a SUV. These cars are specially designed for such terrains and offer more space between the vehicle and the ground. 

Challenges You Face in Off-Roading: 

There will be several new challenges in your journey that are not here on the list. These are the most common ones, so prepare for it before leaving your home. 

  1. Reduced engine performance. 
  2. Tyre damage 
  3. Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. 
  4. Facing issues in transmissions. 
  5. Vehicle misalignment

Benefits of Installing Air Suspension System in Vehicle:

The air suspension system incredibly increases the performance of your vehicle and makes it faster, smoother, and long-lasting. Here are some other benefits of installing air suspension in your cars. 

  1. Improves fuel consumption. 
  2. Reduce harshness, vibration, and noise. 
  3. Air suspension makes vehicles more effective in off-roading. 
  4. Improves the load management while driving. 
  5. Improves the tire life of the vehicle. 
  6. Offer improved resale value of the vehicle. 
  7. Offer less damage to the road surface. 
  8. Less load shifting while driving. 

How Air Suspension Improves Your Off-Roading? 

Air suspension is comparatively newer to the traditional coil suspension. The idea was to make the suspension easier, more comfortable, and smooth, and offer confidence to the driver in the troublesome situations of off-roading. 

Here are some ways how air suspension improves your off-roading experiences. 

  1. Air suspension uses compressed air in its airbag and offers an electronically controlled system for adjusting height, pressure, and stiffness. 
  2. It offers better deals in challenging terrains as it offers more safety to the undercarriage and protects the car’s body from any kind of external damage. 
  3. Air suspension offers a better safe distance between the vehicle & ground. It helps in better ground clearance and therefore makes you tackle rougher trails without bottoming out or getting stuck in between. 
  4. The air suspension system includes air shock absorbers. This helps your vehicle for a quick recovery after hitting a large obstacle. 
  5. We often need to carry a lot of load on off-roading. That makes the vehicle less controlled. Air suspension helps manage uneven load distribution by custom height adjustment on all four tyres. 
  6. Air suspension keeps your vehicle at level through tough terrain so that you get a levelled driving experience in the worst road situations. 

Some Tips for Off-Roading with Air Suspension System: 

Like all the other components, the airbag also has design limitations. Before you hurry and install the air suspension, here are some notes that you must know about it. 

  1. Like most of the aftermarket products, if you install air suspension for off-roading, it will void the warranty policies for air suspension. 
  2. Modifying the kit or installing it in a manner that is inconsistent with the manual void the warranty policy as well. 
  3. Each airbag has a limiting length. When you are installing it on your vehicle, make sure the suspension doesn’t reach its maximum or minimum height. Use limiting straps or modified jounce jumpers. 
  4. Make sure to pressurise the airbag before you leave for off-roading. It must be 5 PSI at full extension. 
  5. Don’t use air suspension as a lift kit. Instead, lift your vehicle first and then use it as additional height. 

Air Suspension for Off-Roading: Is It Worth the Investment? 

In one word, YES! 

Air suspension is a need for off-roading and luxury when you’re on the roads. The air suspension gives your vehicle benefits like height, control, comfortable driving, and smoothness. But how does it work? 

It uses the atmospheric air, pressurises it, and inserts it into the airbags. These airbags increase the height of each tyre individually. 

Is it helpful in off-roading? 

YES! Off-roading is not very comfortable as you go through multiple uneven terrains. These terrains can seriously damage your vehicle. This means a lot of difficulties are waiting for you while you travel and after it. 

Air suspension surely doesn’t give you the guarantee of all well experience but it surely reduces the chances of damage to the minimal level. 

But here is one more question- Doesn’t the spring suspension offer the same? 

Yes, it promises the same. But the comfort level, flexibility, ease of use, and height range are lesser than the air suspension. Moreover, the coil suspension tends to damage more often than air suspension in off-roading due to unconventional situations in the trip. 


In this article, we have discussed how installing an air suspension system on your vehicle can enhance its overall performance. Moreover, installing air suspension boosts comfort and ease of using the system. It’s more flexible than spring suspension and offers you a better experience while travelling off-terrains for a weekend trip. Check more options at X2Industries!

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