Is a Hair Transplant in Dubai Worth It?

Is a Hair Transplant in Dubai Worth It?

Are you dreaming of a complete head of hair? 

Dubai hair transplant(زراعة الشعر) offerings beckon with guarantees of low expenses and tempting programs. But before you book that flight, let’s dive into what sets Dubai apart for those in search of pinnacle-notch hair healing and learn about ‘Is a Hair Transplant in Dubai Worth It’.


  • Dubai is renowned for inexpensive, hair transplants, together with all-in-one care applications with accommodations and delivery.
  • In Dubai, hair transplant charges can be much less than 1/2 of the expenses in Dubai, with comprehensive care from beginning to completion.
  • Skilled doctors and superior clinics in Istanbul ensure personalised plans for long-lasting, herbal-searching results.
  • Dubai gives near-get-admission to doctors After the procedure, with a focal point on the FUE method, great care, and potential pain.
  • Aftercare in Dubai includes whole offerings and special products for donor area restoration.
  • Long-term results should be prioritized over on-the-spot financial savings when considering hair transplants.
  • Preoperative consultations at our  medical institutions in Dubai offer designated planning and follow-up care, which is more convenient for locals.
  • Choosing the proper hospital entails thinking about lengthy-term appearance, hair balance, and the expertise of surgeons in Dubai.

What makes hair transplant services in Dubai appealing to clinical vacationers?

Dubai is an ideal spot for hair transplant services. It’s regarded for skilled doctors and clinics. You pay less in Dubai for hair recuperation. Dubai offers all-in-one packages that cover your desires from beginning to completion.

How do hair transplant prices in Dubai compare to those in Dubai?

Hair transplants at Tajmeels Clinic Dubai can cost much less than half of what you’d pay in Dubai. For example, our health facility lists costs that can amount to as much as 2500 grafts. In Dubai, you might pay less for the same quantity of grafts. However, is it worth the small savings to perform the method in Dubai? We cannot forget this in a later part of the post.

While choosing where to get your hair done, reflect on what’s most essential to you. A few candidates, just like the idea of low expenses in Dubai. Others want to be near their doctor after the surgical operation, like in Dubai. Do not forget, it’s no longer pretty much the price tag. It’s about feeling proper about your hair for a long time.

Follow-up is critical to achievement

here’s the normal process of a FUE hair transplant as a tourist: 

  • Day 1: Arrival 
  • Day 2: consultation with your provider. Your transplant might be completed on the same day. 
  • Day 3: loose and easy 
  • Day 4: Transportation again to the clinic for a round of assessments; prescribed medicinal drug for the following 10 days; leave for the airport 

Taken from a good clinic

whilst it isn’t always recommended to fly at once after surgical treatment, in the event a patient ought to journey by using air, precautions have to be taken to avoid any trauma, stress or publicity to microorganisms at the scalp. 

Failing to achieve this can cause unfavourable effects. 

it is also important to notice that the dry air inside the aircraft and the possible disruption to your sleep cycle may negatively impact the consequences of hair transplants.

After transplant

After a hair transplant, sufferers have to maintain various treatments to sluggish down or maybe prevent additional hair loss. this is due to the fact the pre-existing local hairs will nonetheless be subjected to further androgenic hair loss, and hair transplantation itself neither creates extra hair nor prevents, in addition, hair fall. 

In other words, once you go through hair transplantation, the whole quantity of hairs in your whole scalp remains more or less identical; they’re merely redistributed from the back of your head to the top of your head!   

keeping your complete head of hair after transplantation is similar to jogging a marathon, and it calls for a protracted and regular commitment. 

A few of the many treatment options include: 

  • Oral medicines, inclusive of Finasteride and Minoxidil
  • Topical lotions such as Growell
  • Shampoos and serums
  • Dermarollers
  • strength-based total gadgets together with fractional erbium lasers (e.g. Fotona HairRestart)
  • RF gold micro-needling 
  • Polynucleotide injections
  • The common aspect among some of these treatments is that they require regular follow-up visits along with your aesthetic doctor over a time frame.


you will be quoted a better number of grafts than you need, which no longer most effectively artificially inflates the fee of your transplant but puts you at an elevated risk of overharvesting. 

Overharvesting occurs when a healthcare professional extracts too many hair follicles from your donor area, resulting in scarring and patchy hair growth. that is typically permanent.

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