Importance of Field Force Management Software for Field Business

Field Force Management

Are you in the field service industry? If yes, don’t you find it challenging to manage your field employees or track them manually? Well, it is obvious to occur when you keep on ignoring the robust performance of Field Force Management Software for your field organization. 

The software incorporate every feature and functionality that will help you easily track your employees’ working hours, expense claims, order completion, time-offs, task status, availability, etc. It saves hours for field employees and managers and lets them focus more on their productivity. Moreover, the great mobility & cloud support let you effortlessly manage your scattered workforce. 

What is Field Force Management Software?

Field force management software automate the entire procedure of managing field force and weed out mundane tasks that take longer than expected. It offers so many modules like expense, task, attendance, leave, order management, etc. in one single platform, thus ultimately helping in the smooth running of your field operations. 

It allows managers to track, manage, and support the activities of field staff on the go. Having the software in place lets managers enjoy real-time employee monitoring, ad-hoc task allocation, smooth shift scheduling, etc. The software also provide a comprehensive analysis of every business aspect on its dashboard, which is loaded with KPIs, metrics, and charts. Upon looking at it, field managers can get a thorough glance at field workflow. 

Top Reasons to Use Field Force Management Software

Let’s reveal significant reasons why field force management software serve as a valuable tool for field companies.

  • Real-time Tracking

Field force management software solutions consist of GPS technology. So, from the moment, employees mark their attendance, also the field employee track by Mobile Gps location, work status, productivity, and distance traveled. Managers on their web apps can get an overview of their employees’ whereabouts. This is how they enjoy real-time employee tracking. 

  • Attendance on the Go

By using any of the methods like geocoded attendance marking, visual verification, biometric attendance, etc., managers can let their employees mark their attendance on the go. After arriving at the site, employees just access their mobile devices, ensure their presence on the field, and thus focus on their work without manually reminding managers about their availability for today’s task. On the other hand, managers say bye-bye to manual methods and seamlessly get their employees’ attendance without putting in any extra effort.

  • Effortless Shift Scheduling

Effortless shift scheduling is another benefit of field force management software. The software let field managers schedule shifts for their employees in just a matter of seconds. They just simply get an overview of employees’ bandwidth, capacity, and skills and, therefore, assign shifts to the right one. From early shifts (5 am to 2 pm) to late shifts (2 pm to 5 am), managers can create any for their employees. 

  • Quicker Expense Management

Being equipped with an expense management module, the software also help streamline your employees’ expenses. The module simplifies expense tracking, reporting, and reimbursement for both field employees and managers. Fied employees upon accessing their apps, upload invoices and bills of expenses incurred during official activities. Managers get these invoices on their portals, validate the claims and consequently provide their acknowledgment and reimbursement for the amount spent. 

  • Real-time Notifications

The field force tracking software connect every team member in the loop. It provides real-time notifications for field employees and managers to let them stay updated with further tasks. For instance, managers get notifications when employees mark their attendance, start/end their tasks, submit expense claims, and request time-offs. However, employees get notifications when their shifts are scheduled, tasks are unlocked, leaves are approved, and expense claims are reimbursed. All these facilitate smooth communication between all parties of the field organization. 

  • Analytics and Reporting Tools

You will have various reporting tools, KPIs, and metrics, looking at which you can assess the overall workflow of your business. Let’s take an example of distance traveled reports that help you locate the total distance traveled by employees from point A to point B. Instead, you will get the absenteeism rate as KPI to locate employees with frequent leaves, days in which more absences are recorded, and other absence trends. 

  • Zero Duplicate Entries

The field force management software diminishe all the chances for employees and managers to make duplicate entries. As each individual is provided with their own app, they cannot buddy punch. Managers also don’t need to rely on registers to manually record their employees’ working hours and days off. That in turn, restricts managers to write an entry twice. This is how the software help eradicate duplicate entries. 

Final Words!

So, these are all the benefits of field force management software. Indeed, the software help in increasing the overall field force productivity with such incredible offerings. Implementing it means allowing your field managers and employees to interact in real-time. If you want to make the most of this tool and enhance your field sales operations, it’s time you opt for field force management software like TrackoField.
The software has various capabilities for field businesses to let them manage every flow of their business. From a feature-packed expense tracking module to a flexible leave management module and automated workflow management, you will find everything on the software. 

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