How to Examine WordPress Website Development Costs in India This 2024?

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The digital revolution continues to reshape the business landscape, making a robust online presence which is indispensable for success. These days for many, WordPress stands out as the platform of choice, celebrated for have user-friendly nature.

After knowing this, if you are also interested in building a WordPress website in 2024 & have a query in mind like what is the eCommerce Website Price in India look at this brief post. Through this, you will be able to get all the essential details that you should know to take the help of WordPress & develop a website.

Understanding About WordPress

WordPress is a platform that is convenient & amazing to use that has many versions/types depending on your needs and can be modified, or altered per your requirements. Personal blogs are like simple sites with minimum designs whereas business websites are professional showing services. E-commerce websites are complex comparatively as it has more online presence. Portfolio websites connect directly to the creative side of artists. Various factors impacting the cost include:

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Design
  • Development
  • Customization
  • Functionality
  • Content Creation
  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance and Support
    • Domain name is the address of your website. It can range between 500 to 1500 depending on the domain extension.
    • Hosting services are of two types – Shared hosting which is affordable and Dedicated hosting is expensive ranging between 3k to 12k per year as they store your data for online presence.
    • The theme describes the mood board, there are free as well as premium ranging between 3k to 10k and is a one-time investment.
    • Plugins are similar to software add-ons that enhance a website’s functionality, such as SEO tools and additional e-commerce features. One thousand to five thousand each is possible. Various plugins are occasionally required.
    • Additionally, the design guarantees a developmental approach. Two methods are possible: professional growth and do-it-yourself. The do-it-yourself method can be inexpensive and time-consuming. Professional developers, on the other hand, guarantee greater personalization and quality. Agencies give a package between 50k and 3L, whereas freelance work might range from 10k to 50k.
    • Customization gives a more personal touch to the website providing you with the highest value. In India, the customization ranges between 10k to 1L.
    • Content Creation resonates with your audience as the DIY content creation can be cost-effective with a lot of time investment. Professional writers can ask for 1k to 5k per page being time efficient.
    • Search Engine Optimization is important for increasing the quantity and quality of traffic for your website by providing visibility and good ranking on search engines. Basic SEO plugins can be free and cost around 5k annually, whereas professional services can cost upto 50k.
    • Maintenance can play an imperative role in the overall smooth and secure run of the website. Basic maintenance can be done in 5k to 10k per year. On the other hand, comprehensive packages can cost nearly  10k to 50k per year.

With this, you should know which kind of benefits you will get if take the help of WordPress to develop the website. So, let’s have a look & know about them:

Benefits of Developing the Platform Through the Help of WordPress

Will Make the Platform User Friendly & Easy to Use

It is designed in such a way that anyone can access it easily for users of all skill levels. You can easily add content on your own without any hassle.

Helps make the Platform Highly Customizable

You can easily manage your website to fit your unique requirements and tastes thanks to its numerous customizable choices and ease of use. Whether your goal is an intricate portfolio or a straightforward post.

Make Platform SEO Friendly to Attract Organic Traffic

SEO helps to drive organic traffic to your site.WordPress is set up in such a way that it helps with the hassle-free management of your website by providing better site visibility on various search platforms with the help of Yoast SEO and All in one SEO Pack.

Is a Cost-effective Option

By being a free platform it offers its users a cost-efficient solution. There are various free as well as paid themes, plugins, or other professional services. Thus it is an excellent value-for-money option.

Other than this, the platform is considered a cost-effective option because usually the templates are free & if people want to choose them they will customize them later on.  Due to this reason, WordPress is considered a cost-effective option to be used for website development.

Helps in Managing the Content Well

Earlier it started as a blogging platform, its built-in editor feature makes it easy for others to access helping it to be the excellent choice for people who regularly post content online.

Bottom Line

WordPress is an incredible platform that provides a range of benefits for website development on a single platform. For a basic-level skilled developer or a tech guru, it is a cost-effective and more reliable solution to grow their online presence by adapting to the changing needs. No wonder it has an online presence of around 40%  on various platforms. It is worth exploring with its vast feature range, accessibility, possibilities, and support making it the smart choice in today’s time. 

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