How to Choose the Best Stretchy Scrubs for Comfort

Medical professionals wearing stretchy scrubs

Selecting scrubs is critical for professionals who remain on their feet for the entire workday and continuously go from place to place to care for patients. We all want to be comfortable and stretchy scrubs have gained popularity due to their comfortable fit and increased mobility. If you want to get stretchy scrubs for the best comfort, here are some tips to help you make the correct purchase.

Understand Fabric Blends

The fabric blend is the one parameter that defines comfort in scrubs. Stretchy scrubs are usually fabricated with materials like polyester, modal, and spandex. Polyester makes the fabric stronger, rayon makes it softer, and spandex gives it the exact stretch it needs. When selecting stretchy scrubs for your order, it is also important to aim for a fabric that strikes a good balance. One of the common blends combining 75% Modal, 22% Polyester, and 3% Spandex for the garment; this combination offers durability, softness, and stretchiness.

Check for Breathability

Comfort is not only about the stretchability of the fabric but also about the fabric’s breathability. Fabrics that allow the passage of air also ensure that you do not overheat during your working hours. When shopping for scrubs look for those with moisture-management characteristics that assist in maintaining dryness by removing perspiration from the skin and encouraging evaporation. This is especially true in cases where you work in a busy environment or a hot environment.

Fit and Style

The proper sizing of your scrubs is an essential factor that will directly influence your comfort and overall appearance. Baggy scrubs may not look good on healthcare workers and may even impact their mobility whereas overly tight scrubs may be uncomfortable. Consider the cut and ensure it is not too loose or tight and does not restrict movements. There are options for athletic or modern fits that give a slimmer shape but still, keep the comfort and room of the regular fit.

Stretch Waist Bands and Multifit Elements

Suitable scrubs are designed with an elastic waist or a drawstring. They can be adjusted for a better fit to your body so the scrubs do not slide off during your shift. The use of elastic materials on the waist can help stretch, while drawstrings are helpful as an additional element for the adjustment of the clothing item.

Pockets and Functionality

In the medical field, usability is critical, and specific pocket numbers and positions can have a significant impact. Consider purchasing scrubs with pockets so that you can easily store instruments like pens notebooks and other medical tools. Having a chest pocket, side seam pockets, or cargo pockets is also a plus because it adds to the functionality of your scrub.


Since healthcare work is quite challenging, the question of the quality and longevity of the fabric is essential when buying durable scrubs. Some fabrics are designed with extra reinforcement in these areas for extra durability. For daily use fabrics such as polyester blends can last through frequent washing and wearing and do not lose their shape and colors.

Easy Care

Healthcare professionals require efficient scrubs that are comfortable and easy to maintain. Consider buying scrubs that can be machined-washed and are also wrinkle-free so that you do not need to involve much time and energy when doing your laundry. Quick-drying and stain-resistant fabrics are also helpful to keep you properly dressed for any work occasion.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

It is also better to select scrubs from some particular brands known for their quality and comfort to avoid possible disappointments. Iguanamed, FIGS, and Jaanuu are some of the leading brands in the healthcare community for producing comfortable, high-quality, AND durable scrubs. Customer reviews are also useful to help you assess the quality of the scrubs in terms of fit, comfort, and durability.

Price and Value

It can be tempting to go for the most affordable set of scrubs but this will end up being a more expensive decision in the long run. It is preferable to purchase high-quality scrubs that will last longer and provide more comfort and value for money. Check for offers and promotions as well as buying in bulk to achieve the most affordable price.

Needs and Personal Preferences.

It is also a personal choice on what kind of scrubs is best for you. Think about things like the climate where you work, potential allergies to certain fabrics, and particular roles and responsibilities. For instance, if you work in a warm climate, lightweight and highly breathable scrubs are necessary. Having many pockets is also essential when you have to bring a lot of tools and scrubs.


In selecting the right pair of stretchy scrubs that will keep you the most comfortable throughout the day, there are several things to take into account, from the type of material used to its construction and usefulness. You can use these comfort and practicality ideas to find scrubs that best suit your professional and personal requirements and help you stay comfortable throughout your hectic work schedules. Several companies such as Iguanamed provide stretchy scrubs that are meant to fit the standard needs of health professionals. These tips will put you on the right track to discovering the best scrubs that support your best appearance.

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