How do electric nut runners improve productivity?

Error correction, precision enhancement, and flexibility in assembly are all made possible by it. Angle and torque are two important selection criteria for an electric nut runner. Choosing a time that best meets your needs may be challenging among the many options. Upon gathering application specs, you might need a few instruments to enhance completed items. It is made to torque specifications to apply a predetermined force to a fastener to tighten or loosen it as needed. It is used to the nuts, either straightforwardly involving the attachments or as a frill that interacts with the nut.


Nut runners and nut drivers are employed in various precision fastening and assembly applications because they offer precise torque control. Larger nut runner systems are usually interfaced with SPC and network software for monitoring and quality control. On assembly lines for cars or appliances, nut runners are occasionally utilized. The levels are shown on a digital readout with an alphanumeric or numeric display or on an analog meter with a needle. Cycle counters keep count of the tightening cycles and show the outcome. As they rotate, sliding spindles expand and contract. Hand-held nut runners frequently come with a response bar or stabilizer to make them easier to handle. The high frequency of hits causes a high volume of noise and vibrations.

Modec experience

Nut runners, essentially tools, have been used as motors for many businesses’ machines by default. Our actual motor does the same thing as the Modec nut runner motor, and we can modify our motor to meet the specific needs of our client’s machines, which is how we assisted our German customers. We market ourselves as niche suppliers who pay attention to the particular requirements of our customers and provide solutions. This framework doesn’t need a response arm and, like this, needn’t bother with a response surface to be worked.


You can rely on Encore Systems for top-notch repairs, certified equipment, and tool management services. We are aware of the difficulties involved in choosing the ideal nutrunner machine. We can assist you in locating the perfect torque wrench to meet your needs from our extensive inventory of pneumatic and electronic torque wrenches. Its pistol-grip capabilities allow it to be held in one hand, like a power drill. Pistol-grip nut runners, mainly utilized on vertical application surfaces, also feature a square drive that accommodates sockets of varying sizes.


The most recent addition to AMT’s machine lineup is the HSX series of handheld nut runners. The compact machine and control unit now communicate with a fully digital signal, resulting in a tool cable that is lighter and more compact. This advancement straightforwardly adds to a better ergonomic plan for the instrument. It ismanufactured by AMT complies with the highest requirements for industrial durability. Encore Systems is a name you can rely on to provide exceptional repairs, tool management services, and certified equipment. We know how difficult it can be to choose the right electric nutrunner. We carry a wide range of electric and pneumatic torque wrenches and can assist you in selecting the best option for your requirements.

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