Ford F-150 Leveling Kits: Enhancing Your Truck’s Performance and Appearance

f150 leveling kits

The Ford F-150, known for its versatility and durability, is a favorite among truck enthusiasts. Many F-150 owners seek to enhance their vehicle’s appearance and functionality with aftermarket modifications, one of the most popular being leveling kits. This article will discuss the benefits, types, installation considerations, and maintenance tips for f150 leveling kits specifically designed.

What are Ford F-150 Leveling Kits?

A leveling kit is a simple modification designed to raise the front of the F-150 to make it level with the rear. This adjustment not only improves the truck’s appearance but also provides practical benefits like increased ground clearance and the ability to install larger tires.

Benefits of Installing a Leveling Kit on Your F-150

  1. Improved Stance: Eliminates the factory rake, giving your F-150 a more aggressive and balanced look.
  2. Enhanced Ground Clearance: Offers additional clearance, which is beneficial for off-road driving.
  3. Larger Tire Compatibility: Allows for the installation of larger tires, improving traction and handling.
  4. Better Towing and Hauling: Leveling the truck can improve weight distribution and enhance towing performance.
leveling kits

Types of Leveling Kits for the Ford F-150

  1. Coil Spring Spacers: Simple spacers that fit onto the existing coil springs, raising the front of the truck.
  2. Strut Extensions: These attach to the top of the factory strut assembly, common in newer F-150 models with a strut-based suspension.
  3. Torsion Keys: Suitable for models with torsion bar suspension, adjusting the torsion bar to lift the front.

Installation Considerations

  1. Model Compatibility: Ensure the leveling kit is compatible with your F-150’s specific year and model.
  2. Installation Choices: Depending on your mechanical skill level, you might choose professional installation to guarantee safety and correct alignment.
  3. Post-Installation Alignment: A wheel alignment is critical post-installation to maintain proper handling and tire longevity.

Maintenance and Care for Your Leveled F-150

  1. Regular Check-ups: Frequently inspect the leveling kit components for wear or damage.
  2. Consistent Alignment Monitoring: Regular alignments are vital to counteract any suspension geometry changes due to the leveling kit.
  3. Suspension System Health: Monitor your suspension system’s condition, as height alterations can impact its components over time.


A 2 inch leveling kit for your Ford F-150 can significantly improve the truck’s aesthetics and utility. It provides a more balanced appearance, increases ground clearance, and allows for larger tires, which is especially advantageous for off-roading. When selecting a leveling kit, consider the best type for your vehicle, and decide whether to install it yourself or seek professional assistance. With appropriate maintenance, a leveling kit can be a valuable and safe enhancement to your F-150.

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