Effective Strategies for Quality Referencing.

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Assignment writing can be exciting and challenging as well. If you have been assigned a topic that intrigues you to research more, it will surely be an interesting task. However, when a dry topic is assigned that is far from your interests and skills, it gets quite hard to deliver quality and cite effective sources. Nevertheless, now you can also get assignment help online if any complex assigned work is bothering you. With the help of online and offline sources, students can craft a winning assignment. In this guest article, we will explore some effective strategies for researching and sourcing quality references in assignments. 

Pragmatic strategies for researching and sourcing quality references 

With technological advancement, it has become quite easier to find references for assignments. However, citing reliable and quality ones is the key. Let’s discuss some strategies which ensure quality citations for the assignments. 

Primary and secondary sources 

For a research project, you can either choose primary or secondary or both sources. It depends upon the topic and type of your research. In primary sources, first-hand data is collected. You do surveys and then collect data to interpret. In secondary sources, existing literature is taken for citation such as research articles, biographical reviews, scientific and literary reviews etc. You must ask yourself which source will give you the most reliable information for the assignment. However, to maintain the quality, you must conduct primary research through effective means and also cite the secondary sources which are most relevant, current, and issued by reputable publishers. 

Print sources 

Print sources can be found in a vast variety of documents. Citing through multiple sources increases the credibility of the assignment. Many of the potential and quality sources are merely available in print form, therefore, using these sources is crucial for quality assurance. This is because every book or article is mainly published in print form and only some of them are scanned and available to the students. So chances of getting the most information are through print media. These print sources include newspapers, books, journals, articles, business and nonprofit publications, and magazines. You can find most of the print sources in public or campus libraries. 

Scholarly publications 

When you are researching and finding data for your assignment, it is crucial to read scholarly publications rather than newspapers and magazines. Scholarly articles are for different audiences and purposes. These publications are for research purposes and give in-depth knowledge about the topic in discussion. In addition, they are well-researched and analysed critically ultimately expanding the horizon of your knowledge base. It also helps in putting forward evidence-based arguments which enhances the quality of your assignment. 

Consult a librarian 

Many a time, when you visit a huge library then chances are that you end up not getting your desired content. In such a case, consulting reference librarians is a viable option. They are familiar with how books are arranged and organised. Get tips from them about using the library databases to locate a particular book. Finding the right book for your assignment will automatically improve the quality if cited and read properly. Nevertheless, you can also get assistance from a UK assignment service and let experts do all the research to deliver you a quality assignment. 

Effective sources 

The Internet has taken the educational sector by storm because most of the assignments are incomplete without using electronic sources. There are plenty of online sources and e-libraries which are easily accessible to students for reference. However, one major hurdle in online sources is to find reliable and quality sources. For that purpose, you must read books and articles from renowned publishers. Join online libraries and also use the library access of your institution as many universities pay annually for some e-libraries. These paid sources are good enough to cite for an assignment. 

Internet Search 

The most common method of researching for an assignment is to use the search engine. Nevertheless, reliability and quality are the main concerns for this. 

The first few searches are mostly the opinions of common people. However, if you want to understand a topic in a layman’s language then these internet searches are quite useful. You do not always have to cite these sources, you can merely use them to understand a concept so that you can jump-start your academic research journey for an assignment. 


To write a quality assignment, it is crucial to use multiple sources. It not only increases the credibility of the assignment but also helps in expanding the horizon of knowledge. There are several online and offline sources which can be used effectively. However, it is essential to cite reliable ones by checking their publication. Use scholarly books and articles instead of random papers written by common people. Make use of e-libraries and take help from librarians to effectively locate reliable and quality data. 

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