Creative Ways to Use Bathroom Tiles for Maximum Impact


While designing a bathroom or washroom, you are bound to feel excited to pick elements one by one to elevate the visual impact of the space. The real fun comes from choosing the right bathroom tiles for the walls and the floor space. From colours and patterns to designs and textures, every character of the tile plays a role in enhancing its impact on the overall bathroom look. Continue reading to learn some creative ways to use tiles in bathrooms to maximise impact and then, visit a trusted tiles store in Bangalore to buy tiles.

Creative Ways to Tile Bathroom for Maximum Impact 

Create Colourful Impact

Adding pops of colours is an ongoing trend to maximise the visual interest of space. So, you can take inspiration from that and infuse plain solid-coloured tiles of multiple colours to cover every surface in your bathroom. However, do not go too overboard. Just stick to two or three colours that you will love to infuse in your bathroom to give a touch of your personality.

Or, if you like, go for complementary colours to create a contrasting look. Also, remember, not to use small tiles as the small size and bright colours together might not work in your bathroom. 

Play with Scale 

A great way to add visual interest and impact to even the smallest bathroom spaces is by mixing and matching tile designs with scale. For this, you can choose any tile shape for the floor and an identical tile shape but in a small size for the bathroom backsplash, i.e., the wall behind the sink. Besides that, you can also consider selecting tiles of two different sizes to enhance the visual impact. Also, you can play with colours, but make sure they belong to the same colour family to keep the overall decor cohesive. 

Mix and Match Styles 

Bathrooms are great spaces for experimentation, and you can try various creative ideas by mixing and matching different tile designs. So, if you are planning to revamp your old bathroom look, think of it as an opportunity to have a little fun. Opt for tile colours, finishes, and designs you like to add your individual touch to your bathroom walls or floor. For inspiration, any good tiles store in Bangalore can show you innovative ways of mixing and matching diverse tile designs to create beautiful outcomes. 

Extend Floor Tiles Up The Wall 

Floor designs often get hidden in bathrooms because of a lack of space or bathtub. That’s why you can think of extending the floor designs to the walls to make more of an impression. For example, if you choose large-format bathroom tiles, you can beautifully lay them on your walls as well as your floor. You can go for a half-wall look by laying the floor tile design on half the wall while going for a different tile design for the rest of the wall. 

Turn to Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a trending tile option that pops up in all areas of interiors, especially in bathrooms. Even though some people may consider its printed design to be a little overwhelming, you can still use its fairly versatile patterns to elevate the aesthetics. The terrazzo tiles have a speckled stone design that adds a sense of depth to the overall bathroom decor.

Irrespective of your bathroom design or look, the terrazzo tiles can create a natural and timeless feel to the bathroom decor, creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. To elevate the relaxing atmosphere further, consider opting for a neutral-toned palette and small indoor plants. 

Create an Ombre Effect 

Try imagining a bathroom wall look with an ombre effect, like a sunset effect. You can opt for small rectangular tiles of soft tones like sunny yellows, light oranges, and pale pinks. You can creatively lay the tiles to add colours and warmth to your bathroom space. Besides, if you like a more refined and modern-day spa-like look, you can go for more refined look colours like white, grey, brown, or beige to create a stunning ombre-effect backsplash in your bathroom.

Experiment with Laying Patterns

Do not be afraid of using plain bathroom tiles. Even the simplest tile design offers endless possibilities if you use your creativity to lay them in a certain way. If you love thinking out of the box, you should consider attractive tile-laying patterns. You can use plain subway tiles to create a grid pattern with contrasting grout for a stunning and sleek-looking bathroom wall. Besides that, you can experiment with tile options with pre-made patterns.

For example, if you like the classic herringbone pattern, you can buy tiles with herringbone designs and add a vintage look to your space. Likewise, think of geometric tiles which come in diverse geometric shapes to elevate the attractiveness of any space. These tile designs offer an amazing way to get a unique and attractive look. So, make sure to consider diverse tile options and play around with them to see what you can create. 

Zone the Space with Floor Tiles 

If you have a large bathroom, you can make great use of your large floor space by visually zoning it. Like, choose one tile design for the flooring around the bathroom area and another tile design for the floor running from the shower to the sink.

By creating this floor look, you can easily break up the large bland floor space of your bathroom. You can do this in multiple ways and opt for different floor tile options. You can use two hues of the same colour to differentiate the areas subtly. Or, go for two completely distinct floor tile patterns to separate the spaces dramatically. 


While selecting bathroom tiles, make sure to let your creative side out and choose tiles to create a unique bathroom look. Visit Orientbell Tiles Boutique – a trusted tiles store in Bangalore to buy premium bathroom tiles.

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