Cool Comfort: Exploring The Latest Voltas Products

Air conditioners are essential appliances for any home or office in today’s world. And, with the soaring temperatures, they provide not just comfort but necessary respite to beat the heat. One popular brand in this market is Voltas. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Voltas has become a household name when it comes to cooling solutions.

Today, we will explore some of the latest Voltas products that can bring you ultimate cooling comfort.

1. Voltas All Star Inverter AC

The Voltas All Star Inverter AC is a premium product in the air conditioner market. It comes with advanced features such as the adjustable compressor which reduces noise levels and provides precise cooling to the room. It also features Turbo Cool mode that cools down the room rapidly. The All Star Inverter AC has energy-saving modes, which significantly reduce power consumption, and longer-lasting copper tubing for longevity. Tech-savvy users can connect this AC to their smartphones via the “Voltas Smart” App, allowing total control of the air conditioner’s features, including scheduling, timer, and personalized settings, all from your phone.

2. Voltas Split Inverter AC

The Voltas Split Inverter AC is a versatile AC unit that provides precise cooling and energy efficiency. It comes with an eco-friendly refrigerant, which reduces both carbon emissions and running costs and maintains a steady and comfortable temperature. The Split Inverter AC features an all-weather cooling mode that adjusts the room temperature, providing maximum comfort during harsh weather conditions. Plus, it comes with an anti-dust filter that removes dust and bacteria from the air, giving you a clean and healthy atmosphere.

3. Voltas Window AC

The Voltas Window AC is an ideal AC unit for small and medium-sized rooms. It features a high-quality compressor that cools the room efficiently and rapidly. The Window AC comes with a hydrophilic aluminium fin, which prevents rusting and ensures long-lasting durability. Moreover, it has multiple modes such as Auto, Sleep, and Energy Saving Mode, which helps you customize the AC’s temperature to your liking. It also features an anti-dust filter that cleans the air and provides healthy air to breathe.

4. Voltas Tower AC

The Voltas Tower AC is a sleek and stylish AC that is perfect for modern homes and offices. It is equipped with advance air purification technology that reduces the levels of dust, smoke, and bacteria in the air, making it ideal for those with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. It features a sleep mode that adjusts the AC’s temperature as per your requirements, ensuring a relaxing good night’s sleep. It is also easy to operate, allowing you to choose the temperature, fan speed, and mode settings with just the push of a button.

5. Voltas Cassette AC

The Voltas Cassette AC provides effective cooling for bigger spaces and open areas such as shops, showrooms, and offices. It provides even cooling without any hotspots and comes with a remote control that makes it easy to operate. It features an auto-restart function that saves settings during power outages and a sleep mode that maintains a comfortable temperature while consuming less energy. It also comes with a washable filter that can be easily removed for cleaning.

Voltas offers a wide range of air conditioners with advanced features that provide maximum comfort and energy-efficient cooling. With the Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card, you can now purchase Voltas products on easy EMIs. The Insta EMI Card lets you buy home appliances on no cost EMIs with zero down payment, making it easier to own your favorite Voltas product without worrying about lump sum payment. Additionally, you can also use the Insta EMI Card to buy other popular appliances like realme products on easy EMIs.


The Bajaj Finserv Insta EMI Card is available for existing Bajaj Finserv customers and can be obtained within minutes. The card comes with pre-approved credit, which can be utilized immediately. You can also use the Insta EMI Card to buy products online from popular e-commerce sites or stores. The Insta EMI card removes any worry about the cost of the product so that you can focus on the experience it provides.

In conclusion, Voltas products offer exceptional cooling solutions and a comfortable environment for both homes and offices. With the Insta EMI Card, owning your favorite Voltas product has become more accessible than before. Make the most of the remarkable features of Voltas products and experience cool comfort at its best.

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