American Eagle .223: Questions and Answers

Need a high-volume .223 round that is low-cost, accurate, reliable, and useful for a wide range of shooting disciplines?

Take a look at the following Federal American Eagle .223 line. Here’s what it offers.

Is American Eagle .223 Reliable and Accurate?

Loaded with 75 grain bullets and producing 2775 FPS of muzzle velocity, this American Eagle .223 round is reliable, accurate, and surprisingly powerful and flat-shooting.

It performs on par with other ammo occupying a much lower echelon of price – which most shooters appreciate.

Is It Corrosive?

If you’re someone that goes a few rounds to the range without fastidiously cleaning your gas system, good news: this American Eagle ammo is non-corrosive.

Is It Reloadable?

This American Eagle .223 is loaded into high-quality, reloadable brass cases, so you can keep long-term costs down.

Is It Good for Hunting?

Not this one, no. While the cartridge is suitable for hunting, these are loaded with FMJ bullets which makes them generally unusable for sporting applications.

What Game Can You Take with .223?

Even though this particular round is not suitable for hunting, as a cartridge .223 is excellent for varmint control as well as for medium-sized game. Some consider it the king of coyote cartridges and it is popular for other furbearers, like foxes, as well.

Is It Good for Defensive Applications?

The same answer as for hunting – no. While some use .223 for defensive applications, this round specifically is loaded with FMJ bullets so it is not advisable to use them for defense.

Is It Good for Training and Competition?

This is one thing that this American Eagle .223 is perfect for. Loaded with FMJ bullets, it is accurate, reliable, and consistent, even under varying climatic conditions. This makes it perfect for training and competition.

What About Long-Range Shooting?

There may be better calibers for long-range shooting, but .223 is definitely near the top. Also, even loaded with heavy bullets, this round has a very high muzzle velocity and a fairly flat trajectory, making it a decent choice for long-range shooting.

If you want to get specific, consider looking into a match-grade round like Federal Gold Medal Match ammo (made by the same company).

Why .223 in General?

Even if this particular ammo doesn’t work for your purposes, it is a great cartridge with a wide range of applications including but not limited to hunting, competition, long-range shooting, training, high-volume shooting, and more.

It is affordable, widely available, low-recoil, flat-shooting, lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. Parts for many popular .223 and 5.56 rifles are also often easy to come by thanks to the fact that 5.56 is widely manufactured for the military.

Where Can You Get This American Eagle .223?

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